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 [How To] How to remove screen lag/game slowdowns

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PostSubject: [How To] How to remove screen lag/game slowdowns   Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:33 am

Hello, again its "Star" or you can call me samham123456 has most of you know I do make tutorials and guides on howto do different things.

Youtube Channel:

Check me out !

Time to get started!

What You Need:
A Screw Driver
A Tissue
A Rag (or a cloth)


First use the screw driver to unscrew the back of your computer where you see the tiny screws are. There are many you tube videos that explain how to open your computer case. Once your case is open you will see "Multiple Fans" or 1 it depends on how many fans you've installed on your computer.

Next what you will want to do is take the tissue and slowly wipe between the fans spaces, which has alot of tiny dirt particles, Which builds up depending on where your computer is in your house. If you do not want to use tissue I heard theres like a mini air blower to shoot out dust from your fans, But I do not have one this is why I do it this way.

Ok, next after cleaning your fans slowly with the tissue that you have you will most likely see alot of dust on the tissue, and it will no longer be good to reuse. So take the rag and use it to wipe the dust out from all of the fans. This does include wiping the graphics card fan if your graphics card has a fan attached to it which mines does.

Good your almost done, after you feel confident that you've cleaned most of the dust put away the rag and tissue, then start to close your computers case the exact way that you've opened it. Close it tightly and make sure its not opened, cause then dust that flys around will just fly right back into it.

Thankyou for showing your interest in my guide, I would've used photo's but I need a digital camera which I do not have at the moment.

After you boot back up your computer, try watching and playing games that you've never been able to run smoothly without lagging or screen lags, which is very very annoying.

Here's some examples you can test your computers performance on: (Try to watch it in FULL HD 1080p I can without any lag)

- Try this game out : (See if it lags when you play).

I know somtimes it doesn't matter, but my graphics card is Radeon 4670 HD.

-If I helped please give me thanks, and subscribe to my channel

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[How To] How to remove screen lag/game slowdowns
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